PowerPoints and Worksheets for High School History Teachers

High School U.S. History and World History PowerPoints and worksheets based on the textbooks published by Pearson-Prentice Hall.

PowerPoints and worksheets for teachers.  The information is based on Pearson Prentice-Hall's World History and U.S. History textbooks, but can be applied to any World History or U.S. History class.

The lessons can be time savers, especially for new teachers who may be struggling to find their footing in the classroom. 

They can also serve seasoned teachers who need a quick worksheet or PowerPoint for a substitute. 

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World History   

Self-Rule for Canada and Australia  

Stalin-Communist Attempts to Control Thought

The Greek Roots of Democracy

Athens in the Age of Pericles

The Greek Roots of Democracy

From Feudalism to Democratic Developments in England Post 1066

Development of Roman Law

Imperialism-The Partitioning of Africa

 World War I

19th Century Rise of Ideologies

French Revolts of 1830 and 1848

World War I Newspaper Project

China and the New Imperialism-Opium War

Causes of the French Revolution

One the Eve of the French Revolution Summary

 The New Imperialism

Decline of the Ottoman Empire & Balkan Nationalism

19th Century Germany

19th Century Russia

Britain and the Birth of the U.S.  

The Growth of British Parliament

Roman Newspaper Project

The Enlightenment

Review Board Game Project

World War II

Europe Post World War I

World War I

Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific

Japan Modernizes

The Meiji Restoration

Principles of Judaism

Stalin's Terror Tactics

The Rise of Nazi Germany

Mussolini's Rise to Power

Art and Literature 18th & 19th Century

The French Revolution

Latin American Independence

The Middle East During the Cold War

The Western World After World War II

Global Economic Trends Post World War II

India Seeks Self-Rule

Russia and the Fall of Nicholas

The British Take Over India

Industrial Revolution


Rise of Democracy in England

Christian Tradition

Ancient Greece & Rome

Unifying Italy

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

Allied Success in World War II

Fascism in Italy

World War II

Lenin to Stalin

World War I

From World War II to Cold War

World War II

World War I

Changing Attitudes and Values in the 19th Century

Roman Republic

The Rise of Cities 1800-1900

Rise of 19th Century Germany

Russia's Drive for Industrialization Pre-WWI

Russian Revolution

Hobbes & Locke

Philosophers: Voltaire etc. 

Industrial Revolution: Britain

19th Century Reform in Britain

End of World War II

The Cold War Goes Global